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    Introspective Mega Fluff at Five Myles Gallery 5/31 at 6pm 

    I am delighted to invite you to Introspective Mega Fluff three performances taking place at Five Myles Gallery 558 Saint John Place in Brooklyn on Sunday May 31st at 6pm.
    Performances by, (in order of appearence)...
    The Madmen of the Mountain,  Marie Christine Katz What's my Worth? 
     & Valerie Kuehne & Natalia Steinbach Sacred521
     Madmen of the Mountain Madmen of the Mountain presents NOVACATION, a science fiction comedy, evoking Greek Theater and voyeuristic dating shows, NOVACATION uses heightened text and an ambient score to investigate desire and responsibility in our distracted age.
    Marie Christine Katz' What's my Worth? began in reaction to the 2008 economic downturn, recording savings and splurges in a journal, proving that what was saved was earned. Leading to a performance/installation, exposing the relationship of financial gain and identity, especially as an artist and a mother. WmW? invites the audience’s judgment and personal reactions.   

    Naked Roots Conducive (a collaboration between Valerie Kuehne and Natalia Steinbach) presents Sacred521, an ongoing operatic exploration of the beauty and terror of personal disclosure.  In performing a destruction/deconstruction of our self-imposed boundaries of comfort/discomfort we discover a cathartic potential beyond our wildest dreams.  Fight off your demons.  Destroy the second life.                                           


    Wilde Nights

    I am thrilled to invite you to Terry Quinn's Wilde Nights at Saint Francis College,                                                                       Directed by Deborah Wright Houston.                                                                                                                           Performed by E.James Ford, Marie Christine Katz & Trenton Clark

    Thursday April 23rd at 7pm & Saturday April 25th at 2pm
    Please note that sitting is limited and there is no reservation 
    so we advise to come 30min early to secure a seat.
    7th Floor Theater - 180-182 Remsen Street, Brooklyn Heights
    For more details on Wilde Nights development please visit Terry Quinn's Blog


    Give Back My Beast at La Mama

    Give Back My Beast - A Daniel Allen Nelson Performance at La Mama
    December 2nd - 7th

    I am thrilled to be performing with Tavish Miller and the always wonderful Daniel Allen Nelson in his upcoming Give Back My Beast.                                                             Directed by Kara Feely.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     If you wish to contribute to this project please click here.


    Performing at The Metropolitan Opera, La Mama and more...

    The Death of Klinghoffer - The Metropolitan Opera
    October 20th - November 15th

    I am elated to be a part of The Death of Klinghoffer, an opera composed by John Adams about the hijack of the Achille Lauro cruise ship. The rehearsal process has left me in awe - of my fellow performers, the music, the phenomenal principals, the chorus and the incredibly creative production team. I absolutely love being a part of this production. Although I am only in a few scenes, I encourage you to see The Death of Klinghoffer for the work itself - it is truly spectacular.

    ...and there is more

    Give Back My Beast - A Daniel Allen Nelson Performance at La Mama
    December 2nd - 7th

    I am thrilled to be performing with Tavish Miller and the always wonderful Daniel Allen Nelson in his upcoming Give Back My Beast. If you wish to contribute to this project please click here.

    ...and finally

    The Louise Log - Anne Flournoy - Episode 41
    Just in case you missed it here is episode #41 of Anne Flournoy’s The Louise Log, in which I play the role of the film director.

    As always, thank you for your continuous support. 


    Bise & Best Wishes, 

    Marie Christine 


    Upcoming performances and exhibitions Fall 2014

    On the week end of the 26th 27th & 28th as part of the DUMBO Art Festival I am part of what promise to be a wonderful group show presented by Trunk + The Idea Salon I will be presenting sculptural elements, remains of the performance "What's my Worth?"please join us on Sunday the 28th at 4pm for Boo Boo Cousins' Musical Performance and my performance of "What's my Worth?"#8. TRUNK 68 Jay Street #101  Brooklyn

    In addition I am delighted to be part of Creative Climate Awards organised by The Human Impacts Institute As part of this program I will be performing  a modified version of "What's my Worth?" on Thursday, October 2nd at 5:30pm Union Square South Plaza, 14th Street between Broadway and Park Avenue South. 

    In the midst of it all we began rehearsing for The Death of Klinghoffer at The Metropolitan Opera,I am elated to be one of the supernumeraries and I am ecstatic to be part of Daniel Allen Nelson upcoming performance more details to come soon.

    AiOP is presenting a history of performances on Governor's Island. The show is open until 9/28th I am presenting "Shlepping/Displaying" and installation and photographs of unravelled dresses & remains of Let's take a walk #28 & #29  

    Finaly in case you missed it here is episode #41 of Anne Flournoy's The Louise Log I play the role of the film director.

    Thank you for your continuous support, I wish you an fantastic Fall season.

    Marie Christine