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    What's my Worth?

    Hello Everyone

    I am delighted to invite you to my performance  "What's my worth"  part of "Sell out" an evening of performances curated by Matti Havens  & Local Project as part of the"How much do I owe you" exhibit presented by No Longer Empty    

    Details: Saturday 2/23/2013 7pm at 29-27 41 Ave Long Island City free entrance

    Performing with me are Robert James Anderson and Ruth Phaneuf   
    Robert will be wearing a coat made by Beth Williams Garrett  

    "What's my worth"  the performance  is based on a journal project I started in 2008 prompted by the economical climate. The premise is that what was not spent; was earned and the effect of your choices on the environement


    To see an article about the journal project please visit Itch 


    I hope that you can join us.

    My question to you is,

    What did you give up? Did it make a difference? Do you miss it?

    Best wishes 

    Marie Christine


    Work in Progress, a gift for your loved ones or to yourself.

    In this blog, Work in Progress, I propose individualized and personalized gift ideas for your loved ones or to yourself. 

    Each item is directly connected to one of my art projects, an installation or a performance. 

    Your stories, memories & wishes will make each pieces a unique one.



    Velada Santa Lucia

    I am so happy to take "Let's take a walk" to Velada Santa Lucia in Maracaibo Venezuela.

    organised by Clemencia Labin

    Let's take a walk will take place on the 2nd 3rd and 4th of March. As always you can be part

    of the walk from anywhere in the world. More details to come soon... 


    In preparation to Art OMI

    I am starting to feel a great sense of trepidation and excitement about my up coming participation in the Art OMI residency summer 2011. I have applied to this residency a total of I believe at least 4 times.

    So happy to finally be able to be part of this wonderful artist’s opportunity and so grateful to everyone involved in making this available years after years to artists from all over the world.

    Thank you

    Marie Christine



    Some of you might know that since January I am part of a residency program at The Field.
    It will cumulate into an evening of 7 short performances at the Kitchen on March 21st.

    The Kitchen is at 512 West 19th street Tickets are $15 

    I am extremely luck to have a wonderful group of people working alongside with me on my performance

    Photo by Eva Davidova during Let's Take a Walk #9 on Governors Island This work was created in part through The Field’s Emerging Artist Residency program, supported by Lambent Foundation Fund of the Tides Foundation.