Marie Christine Katz

My multidisciplinary practice focuses principally on performance and installation, addressing environmental issues and current events that affect us regionally and globally.

 I seek public participation via story sharing and collaboration with artists of various disciplines.

 My projects are often developed over the years. Performances are informed by passerby responses to questions I pose. I make costumes and objects out of various materials such as drier’s lint, fabric, hangers, yarn, wax, wire. At times I use video, photography, sound, and social media as a medium. I work directly with issues about our environment, and socio-political concerns such as human rights, women’s right to choose. 

I conduct workshops that encourage upcycling and human interactions and perform participatory walks to people anywhere in the world via Twitter.

 Walks, movement, dance, voice, prepared text fashioned from gathered information, and improvisations shape what I present to the public. 

B.A. from Empire State studied at New York Studio School. Residency, The Field 2010, Art Omi 2011.Exhibitions & Performance highlight, Bronx River Art Center, Velada Santa Lucia Festival Venezuela, AiOP, The Northside Art with The Consulate General of Switzerland, Ivy Brown Gallery, Bergen Art Festival, Nicosia Art Festival, New York Studio School, Local Project, The Fountain House Gallery and Plaxall Gallery LIC Swiss-born, NYC resident since 1985