Work in Progress

Works in Progress breathes new life into ordinary overlooked objects. Using unconventional materials such as lint, organic matter, fabric, yarn, twigs, wires, etc., I take items in various disrepair states, upcycling and transforming them into unique works of art. This project can be commissioned and tailored to specific requests; for example, repair your damaged items, as part of an event, a workshop, a performance; please see  Works in Progress

As a performance workshop, I assist participants in the repair, upcycling, and transformation of the damaged or incomplete item(s) they bring, turning those items into new wearable art creations and rendering them usable again. This workshop encourages storytelling and exchanging ideas relating to what actions we take collectively and individually to safeguard our planet and contribute to positive change. Guest musicians and performers selected, depending on the situation, will accompany us during the workshops, adding layers to my storytelling and generating possibilities of improvisation. Upcycling memories, we share our ancestors’ stories to mend our world for the future and bring hopes for our decedents. Participants have the opportunity to draw or write their thoughts relating to environmental issues. The installation includes a pop-up shop consisting of repaired items and performance artifacts. Note that participants can choose to add their items to be auctioned and sold, the precede contributes to cover the cost of the event, but more importantly, I will donate part of the profit to an organization that deals with climate and water issues such as The Pacific Institute  

The repaired items, journal, and pop-up shop will be an installation that is developing over time.