MOMENTS (2008)

Room Installation Work to be commissioned, personalized A portrait of memory of a time of specific moments in someone’s life. More typically it would be as a celebration for a milestone, such as an anniversary or birthday.

There is a strong collaborative element between the artist and the subject. I will first conduct an interview to gather all the necessary information, the history of the subject, the significant events throughout the years, of the memories that need to be represented. And together with the subject, we will work on selecting the physical elements of the installation.

The work is installed most often at the place where the wall and the ceiling meet. Initially, the work consists of a border painted in a very specific color to become the background of the piece. The four main walls of the room will represent each of the four seasons. A wire/thread/string is pulled once around the room to symbolize a year. Specific moments and memories of that year are being marked a piece of stone/glass/bead. Over time, depending on how many years the installation represents, there is a build up of beads and stones and a layering of wires/strings. The colors will be selected depending on the specific history of the subject whose history it is. For example, to celebrate wedding anniversaries, each year will follow the traditional representation such as year one/paper, year two/cotton, year 25/silver and so on. Depending on peoples’ wish, small personal objects and/or photographs can be used to mark a specific moment in time. If a room installation is not possible for specific reasons, this work can be modified as a smaller scale such as a freestanding sculpture that can be displayed as the space allows.

Strings of Memory!
by Ana Traina