(2008) Room Installation that includes sounds, performance, video

Clothes are, over time, thrown pell-mell on the white dance surface floor then outlined in red pen. Here and there, you will find a gathering of leaves, nail polish, old rusty nails, and wool. On one of the room corners, an old pair of jeans is stapled upside down to the wall.  Drawings are connected with threads that move into the space to the other wall. A long sheet of white gauze is draping down from the ceiling, one corner dipping into a large container of black ink.

During the performance, the artist wears a hand knitted green dress that is connected to a wire-weight attached to the wall. She gathers shaven hair dust and attempts to contain it within a sculptural vessel, made of very thin silver wire. The dust seeps through.

The closing of the performance consists of the artist very slowly pouring ink onto the top of the gauze sheet, resulting in ink dripping/splashing all over the floor. When the artist exits the room, the dress, still anchored to the wall, is pulled off of her. In addition, there will be photographic images and projected video loops, shot during the initial in-studio installation preparation, present within the space of the performance.

The floor material is later cut into various shapes, which will then become re-attached following a binding pattern reminiscent to that of corsets, the threading inconsistently laced, sometimes loose and other times tight, thus creating a tension. (Photos by Susan Now)