Enter the Universe where the imagination weaves together the threads of a different reality.

Unraveling takes place in the collective imaginations of the characters, which I’m calling “universes.”

They inhabit a stage with props, including a chair, an aquarium, and broken glass. Each character is alone in their own Universe, oblivious to one another until a collapse takes place and their actions greatly influence one another.

Using my personal history in growing up and as a mother of two teenagers, I constantly confront breaking and mending issues. Unraveling is a performance that explores these themes by performing a one-act play with a cast of characters. Each character engages with various objects like broken glass, an aquarium, a chair, a door, a mannequin. Yarn plays a prominent role and is pulled and strung across the stage throughout the performance. I’m attracted to yarn’s malleability and am interested in its ability to connect us, physically and metaphorically.