Let’s Take a Walk

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Once a month I go for a walk.
People all over the world join me in real time using directions I send via Twitter.
We walk together apart.

Using the phenomenon of Twitter, participants all over the world can join in a “group walk while filming their journey. The various footage becomes a video installation showing the experience of our group walking in different places but moving synchronized through the same blueprints.


Walking, as the multilayered knitted dress I wear unravels with each step, leaving behind traces. A second performer will serve as village crier and relay messages via twitter, a third will provide sounds. The public follow the walk sending tweets to friends or unroll spools of yarns, adding lines created by my unraveling dress. These lines will remain as a temporary sculptural installation. The compilation of videos in the various places will be exhibited as a multiscreen video installation at a future date. The yarn will be used to create a permanent sculptural installation.

Hope and Intention

I would like to push this work further in terms of it’s aim and purpose. My intention is to bring people together who otherwise would not do so, Either due to geographical distance/separation or more to the point due to conflict and differences in belief , opinions, race or nationality.