Let’s Take a Walk

Let’s Take a Walk, the worldwide walk I lead using Twitter began in 2009. As it evolved, it became an on-site performance as well. Participants from anywhere in the world join in via Twitter @mcayer, on-site a Town Crier, Tweet Master, and Drummer assist me. During the walk, we pause questions on a specific topic(s) related to the walk, prompting dialogue, inviting participants to sing a song, say something nice to someone, 

As we journey, the knitted overskirt I wear (created days before each walk with passerby) unravels, leaving traces and speaking of stories we shared as we knitted. Performance artifacts and film and photographs of our journeys are compiled into an installation, showing our group’s experience walking in different places yet moving in sync. 

So far, there have been 50 walks; each is a shared moment—a step towards peace. #celebration #compassion & #respect. Prompting dialogues and positive changes

 See all the walks http://letstakeawalkmc.blogspot.com.

 Duration detail: each walk requires two days or more of knitting & stories sharing with passerby. Performance time is about 40 minutes, of which 20 minutes are shared via Twitter.

Walking separately but sharing a journey from anywhere in the world, We’ll create a similar footprint on different soil, #walkingtogetherapart. Shlepping & Displaying takes place the day after theperformed walk, I follow the same route dragging a coat rack displaying the remains of the performance (s)  

How to join:  Follow @mcayer  on Twitter to receive guiding tweets and on Instagram Live @mcayer27

The photos and videos of your walk are added to the ever-growing installation. 

History: So far, there have been 50 Twitter guided walks starting in 2009 LTAW. Each is a shared moment—a step towards peace and collective wellbeing.

From near or far, I hope to share a journey with you.