I’ll Draw a Line


I’ll Draw a Line, a performance and installation that speaks of recession and economic challenges. Inspired in part by my grandmother’s stories of wartime recession when women drew lines on their legs to simulate stockings, they couldn’t afford

I create environment that contains sculptures, drawings, photography, video, and sound inspired by the drawn line replacing the unaffordable stocking. This project involves a performance. During the performance we interact with the passerby/viewer in an attempt to transform them into participants. People (men and women) standing as part of the installation. Inviting the audience to draw lines on their legs with the dust of ash. The temporary, fragile, and irregular lines relate to the current precarious economic situation and its effect. Together we perform a short and repetitive choreographed movement. 

I will create a sound installation out of interviews conducted during weeks of preparation. Posing questions related to the current economy and the effects, changes, and choices had to be made in their lives.

Images included here were taken at the D.U.M.B.O. Art Under the Bridge Festival, I presented this work as an interactive performance installation by an artist, three dancers, and a mannequin that loses the thread but draws the line.

Performed by Laura Ward (Octavia Cup), Shenelle Easton Foster, Valerie Norman Ornstein, and Marie Christine Katz. 

We performed on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, I spent the afternoon telling and gathering passerby’s stories of their grandmothers. Leading to the My Favorite Grandmother project, please see the Blog featured on this website.

Please note that the various images are from several photographers.

Nicole Rivelli , Lisa Ingram, Christina Markis, Joris Katz Jane Kratochvil.