THE FOOT PROJECT (2004/in progress)
The foot project is a performance that creates an environment where strangers living in the streets are taken care of. The work exists as a live performance, a spontaneous gesture of washing the feet, distributing washcloths or other aids of relief, in various public places during the hot months of the year. Something that would have some kind of gesture and would really be about the interaction between the person who performs the action, the person who receives it, and the passerby… which I find an important aspect of the work. The live performance will take place using a moveable cart that unfolds onto the public space, such as a sidewalk or storefront, where the participant can be attended to. This modified space will be complete with chair, unrolled carpet, washbasin and towels. This trolley will then be shown in an exhibition space later, amongst the documentation of the performances, as an installation work. As for documentation, the work will include interviews, photographs/video, of the participants, the person(s) performing the action, and the passerby/audience.