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    Hangers101 & A Litany of Hashtags at NYSS on 7/25

    Dear Friends, 

    Please join us for the opening reception of X Marks the Spot: Women of the New York Studio School,                                                                                                      Wednesday July 25th from 6pm to 8pm. 
    I will be performing Hangers 101: A Litany of Hashtags (specific time tbd) and will be collecting hashtags and posting photos on Instagram @mcayer27 throughout the opening reception. 

    Hangers 101 and A Litany of Hashtags, by Marie Christine Katz, with contributions for the NYSS show by Robert James Anderson,       Marija Kovacevic, Daniel Allen Nelson and Nicolas Norena.

    Hangers 101 is an interactive project that shares thoughts, opinions and perspectives on what is happening around us and in the world through photography, social media and installations. These sentiments are gathered from participants in the street and in the studio, which are shared virtually as hashtags. The performance element, A Litany of Hashtags, is inspired by these interactions with participants. 

    The X Marks the Spot: Women of the New York Studio School exhibition, curated by Malado Baldwin and Maya Ibar, is presented by the NYSS and the NYSS Alumni Association. The exhibition runs from July 23rd - August 6th at 8 West 8th Street. For the names of participating artists and additional details, please see the pdf below.
    Thank you for your support and I hope to see you there!
    Best wishes
    Marie Christine




    Let's Take a Walk #37 from Nicosia 12/10/17

    I am delighted to perform Let's Take a Walk #37 in Nicosia, Cyprus as part of the Urban Emptiness Performance Festival's collaborative Library of Walks curated by Sophia Hadjipapa & Geert Vermeire. 

     You can be part of Lets Take a Walk and the Festival from anywhere in the world. Just join in via Twitter @mcayer on December 10th at 5 pm (Time in Nicosia) 10am (NYC/EST). We will be walking together although apart.

     LTAW #37 will explore the urban atmosphere of Nicosia and investigate how we interact with its environment and each other through shared walks, a step toward understanding, compassion and peace.

    Performance Artifacts will be exhibited at Dance House Lefkosia and Municipal Market (Old Market) Nicosia through December 16th.

    Please follow me on Twitter @mcayer  for live updates in the week leading up to the walk. 

    Thank you for you continuous support and participation.
    Best wishes 

    Marie Christine





    Work in Progress workshop and OCD Chocolate tasting. Novembre 16th 

    Dear Friends

    We are thrilled to invite you to join a workshop Mending & Tasting with OCD Chocolat and  Work in Progress, at the fabulous new OCD Chocolate at 63 E. 4th Street in the East Village on November 16th from 6:30 - 9:30 pm. A special tasting of Sebastian Brecht’s hand-made, artisanal chocolates will fuel our creations, along with wine and refreshments. Tickets are $60 per person. This is a limited space workshop, so please contact me if you would like to attend or give a seat as a gift at  9176916968.

    Works in Progress by Marie Christine Katz is an interactive workshop that breathes new life into cast aside, everyday items. Each participant will bring a piece of clothing, jewelry, token, etc. in some state of disrepair. Instead of simply mending, we will re-imagine and recreate, transforming your once overlooked object into a one-of-a-kind treasure. In an increasingly disposable society, Works in Progress challenges us to look at belongings through a fresh lens, opting to create rather than discard.

    Sebastian Brecht’s art is Chocolate. He has been perfecting his creations for years before opening his shop earlier this year. His chocolates run the spectrum from junky to genteel, from elemental to ingenious, with good taste being the constant. Because art was always important in his life, he also has rotating exhibits on his chocolate shop wall, and includes a small reproduction of the current show in his chocolate boxes.

    Note that I can be commissioned to repair & transform your dameged items as well as creat individualised sculptural elements based on my ongoing projects. A wonderful gift to yourself and loved ones. More can be seen in Moments as well as Work in Progress












     Thank you so much for all your support; I hope to see you on Thursday November the 16th 

           Marie Christine 


    Bergen, Norway PAB 2017 Follow-up

    Dear friends
    I was delighted to participat in PAB Open Performance Art Festival in Bergen, Norway. I performed
    Hangers 101 & A Litany of Hashtags, a project involving in part individuals’ interaction with wire hangers and yarn and their responses to “How do you feel about what’s happening in the world and around us?” 
    The version of Hangers 101 that was presented in Bergen made it clear that people’s concerns and hopes about the world and what is happening around us are shared no matter where you come from. These thoughts were then turned into hashtags, and have since been shared on Instagram with images of the participants. 
    In conclusion of the two days durational work I performed A Litany of Hashtags, inspired by hashtags gathered from participants.

    To see the results of the project, please visit @mcayer27 on Instagram. 




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    Hangers 101 & A Litany of Hashtags in Bergen, Norway 

    I am delighted to share that I will be traveling to Bergen, Norway the first week in October to present Hangers 101: A Litany of Hashtags as part of PAB Open Performance Art Event

    Hangers 101 began during the new administration as a daily visual gesture using wire hangers. Participants add to and pose with sculptural elements, sharing their thoughts and concerns about what is going on in the world around us. These thoughts become hashtags and are shared on Instagram. A Litany of Hashtags is the performance element, inspired by hashtags gathered from participants. 

    I will be performing Hangers 101: A Litany of Hashtags October 6 - 7. To follow the project, please see @mcayer27 on Instagram.