You Really Should Love Me Now

Katz’s performance video, YOU REALLY SHOULD LOVE ME NOW, teeters between an act of beauty and an act of self-punishment as she constrains and wraps herself in silver wire, moving in circles across the floor, twisting and turning. Her ankles wiggle in front of her, slowing propelling her body until she finally releases herself from her own strangle-hold. The wire leaves an impression in her skin, but doesn’t puncture her. Katz’s voice ebbs and flows, converges and almost collapses into itself and then surfaces, paralleling the script itself which talks about hiding. Katz’s voice is improvisational and becomes the basis for a multiple voice piece. Her voice takes the form of a spoken song or mantra that creates an endless loop. The last line heard before the piece repeats is “You really should love me now.” Running time: 1:55