I am delighted to be part of Valerie Kuehne curated 3 Acts Performances at L’Ange Noir in Bushwick.
“Each week will feature one sound artist, one performance artist, and one songwriter, working within their respective communities to push the boundaries defined by their “genre” and therefore potentially creating something new entirely. I can only hope that this will lead to some FASCINATING future collaborations.”
Valerie Kuehne

Spread the WORD! 
all shows begin at 8pm and end by 11pm, a $10 donation for the performers will be collected.

Ange Noire is located at 247 Varet st. Brooklyn, NY
if traveling by Subway take the L to Morgan ave.

On Thursday November 7th  
performance artist Marie Christine Katz presents “What’s My Worth?” 
Mara Mayer (bass clarinet) and Jason Anastasoff (upright bass) are Feral Children,
songwriter Steve Espinola