I am delighted to be participating again @entransitioibiza spearheaded by @clemencialabin.

#4days40artists #entransitoibiza. I will present a new version of Gathering / Dispersal first presented on Governors Island 2010 and the video Hangers 101 & a Litany of Hashtags #Countdown 1461 Days. I will document the event on my Instagram platforms and X please see links below.

Gathering Dispersal

During the four days of the interactive performance/installation, I will offer the visitors of ENtransito the opportunity to map their personal and familial journey by asking them, “Where are your family roots?” and “Where do you live now?” The participants will write their place of origin on a small object and select a spool of yarn, which they’ll attach to the object and then anchor to one of the three gathering stones. When walking away, they unrolled the spool to create a web-like structure of yarn, leaving behind them a trace, an indication, of the paths of their destinations. 

By gathering people who passed through this particular site, my goal is to create a moment of exchange between the participants, bringing awareness to our differences and connections as well as the rich complexity and uniqueness of our lives before we are pulled apart once again into the many different directions of our reality. We will share our stories and our families’ journeys over the years. I plan on sharing those stories with the public in various storytelling forms.

Hangers 101 & a Litany of Hashtags #Countdown 1461 Days                                    

The video “Hangers 101 & a Litany of Hashtags #Countdown 1461 Days” is a pivotal component of the broader project “Hangers 101 & a Litany of Hashtags.” This multimedia project marks the passage of 1461 presidential administration days from January 20th, 2017, to January 20th, 2021. The marks in the sand signify this countdown, while the sound collage features a chorus of voices reflecting on global and societal events during this period. A cautionary tale.

This project catalyzes dialogue on the political and social climate. Participants share thoughts while holding hangers. Their sentiments are encapsulated in hashtags, transforming individual voices into a collective narrative encompassing human rights, migration, environmental concerns, and peace.

The subsequent performances I presented consisted of monologues crafted from participants’ insights and the evolution of the yarned hangers into sculptural artifacts. These performances, along with the accompanying installation, sculptures, soundtrack, and video, culminate in a compelling exploration of contemporary issues and communal expression.

The project’s journey unfolds across various locations, from studio spaces to international exhibitions, fostering connections and exchanges on a global scale. The soundtrack, a collaborative effort featuring artists Nicole Brancato, Joris Pierre Katz, and myself, is available on Bandcamp and YouTube, offering a sonic dimension to the project’s narrative. Visit @mcayer27 on Instagram to see the entire progression of this work.

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With gratitude & #withloveforpeace.