Anca and I are delighted to introduce our book. “The Blade of Words, Tǎisul Cuvintelor” published by Curtea Veche with Anca Stuparu‘s Haikus (Romanian and English)  and Marie Christine Katz‘s Photographs with an introduction by Sabina Yamamoto.                                                                

Here are the first press articles on the publication: Stirera.Ro  and  Oficiul de Stiri

For details and how to order please visit All book sale net proceeds will be donated to the Curtea Veche association campaign to provide books to children from underserved areas of Rumania.

In the book, we have reserved a space for you to handwrite your own Haikus. In addition, our blog, Your Haikus, encourages readers to participate by submitting their own Haikus and building a community. Please submit on Your Haikus  and visit the platform to read others’ contributions. Your participation is greatly appreciated. 

Enjoy, and feel free to share or post this email. We appreciate your support.

With gratitude

Marie Christine & Anca