Dear friends, This is a challenging post to share, Let’s Take a Walk #60, took place on October 9th, 2023, two days after the terrible attack on Israel from Hamas, the beginning of the current conflict. Almost two weeks ago, so many people died on the Israelis’ and Palestinians’ sides: civilians, children, young and old suffering. The hostages taken by Hamas have yet to be brought back home. I decided that as a call for Peace, LTAW#60 would take place in Strawberry Field on the day of John Lennon’s birthday. #ImaginePeace, here is part of the song we all know so well and are longing to make it a reality; imagine all the people living life in Peace. Please see Let’s Take a Walk Blog for more details on this or any of the walks

Thank you for your continuous support and participation. With Love for Peace, à bientôt,

Marie Christine