I am delighted to invite you to Let’s Take a Walk… I Need You, presented with the support of the Consulate General of Switzerland. June 13-14 during  Northside Art at Williamsburg Walks
Schedule of Performances
Saturday June 13 – Knitting…I Need You  From 1 to 6pm at and around the Swiss Section, 
Sunday June 14 – Let’s Take a Walk  #34  The Twitter guided walk begins at the Suisse Section, (Bedford and N.5th) starting at 1pm (EST) you can join in at the actual location OR from anywhere in the world via Twitter Follow @mcayer The walk last 20 minutes and will be followed by Schlepping & Displaying taking place  throughout the afternoon.
I hope you are able to join any or all of the events, to see previous LTAW visite Let’s take a Walk Blog
To learn more , please read on:
LTAW…I Need You merges two  ongoing projects, Let’s Take A Walk and Knitting… I Need You.  It combines performance and installation elements, using methods of connecting from the old world (knitting together, going on a walk) and the new (Twitter) to open dialogue about social and world issues. Taking place at 1pm 6/14 at the Swiss Section, corner of Bedford and N.5th as well as along Bedford Ave.
The three components are: 
 1. Knitting … I Need You   2Let’s Take A Walk  #34  3. Schlepping & Displaying 
1. Knitting… I Need You creates pockets of close moments and connections. I teach knitting lessons, engaging with participants – telling stories, exchanging ideas. All are actively involved and become co-creators. Together we create elements use to make an over dress I’ll wear during LTWA#34
2. Let’s Take a Walk #34  we, a cast of four, will lead followers on a walk and Tweet instructions to Twitter followers around the globe. Participants will receive instructions and share our journey. Passersby are encouraged to join in.  Connection, conversation and storytelling fill moments we share. Whether on Bedford Avenue or anywhere around the world, we are walking together, apart. The knit elements unravels leaving traces.
3. Schlepping & Displaying addresses the physical remains (knit elements) from the walk. Some of the knittings will linger along the path of the walk, a mapped echo of our shared experience. Other remains of the performance will be displayed at the Swiss Section and through the festival area.
Looking forward to sharing this walk with you.