Dear friends

I am delighted to perform Hangers 101, A Litany of Hashtags: a 12 hour performance on June 22nd from 9am to 9pm with a specific intervention/action 8pm during the Neo-Domesticity Performance Art Festival 

Hangers 101, A Litany of Hashtags: a participatory performance based of the interdisciplinary project, Hangers 101. I perform monologues inspired by hashtags gathered from participants that sum up their perspectives and feelings about current social and political events in a few words. A Litany of Hashtags compiles and shares a wide range of opinions, concerns and hopes, aiming to create positive, alternative dialogue about important issues that affect us all. See @mcayer27 on Instagram 

Hangers 101 is a participatory performance, installation and Instagram project that began as a reaction to and during the first 100 days of the new administration. Making a daily visual gesture using mainly wire hangers and other domestic materials. Speaking most often in a positive note, spreading words such as peace, understanding etc addressing human rights in general with specificity guided depending what is on the news. At time the feelings of fears and angers are spoken of, how can we not? This exploration takes place both within the studio and in various public locations. Sometimes passersby and participants pose with the installation, growing the visual element adding to the conversation. During these interactions, participants share their thoughts and concerns in relation to current events. I gather snippets of their perspective and experiences to share on Instagram with hashtags such as #peace #climatechange #fear #womensrighttochoose #travelersincantation.  

The Glasshouse is located 246 UNION AVENUE, BROOKLYN                                                                                                                          To participate from afar please send # and images