Dear friends 

I am delighted to present #DancingAloneWithmyShadow, an Installation and performance, 

at the Factory + Art Group Exhibition curated by Dr. Emil Silberman                                                            63 Governor Street, Paterson NJ                                                                                                                     Closing dates: June 4th from 2 to 7Pm & June5th, noon to 5pm.

Dancing throughout the pandemic and onward. Finding ways to brings light to the world.

What brings you to the light?

Your responses and participation add layers to this installation.

Dancing, singing, humming #together and #togetherapart, with love, for peace.

Special guests, composers & musicians Nicole Brancato, Joris Pierre Katz & Tal Katz‘s work will be featured on Saturday, June 5th.

See this work on Instagram @dancingalonewithmyshadow . There might be some impromptu Instagram Live moments.

Looking forward to see you this week end or sometimes soon.

A bientôt 


Marie Christine