Hello Everyone

I am delighted to invite you to my performance  “What’s my worth”  part of “Sell out” an evening of performances curated by Matti Havens  & Local Project as part of the”How much do I owe you” exhibit presented by No Longer Empty    

Details: Saturday 2/23/2013 7pm at 29-27 41 Ave Long Island City free entrance

Performing with me are Robert James Anderson and Ruth Phaneuf   
Robert will be wearing a coat made by Beth Williams Garrett  

What’s my worth”  the performance  is based on a journal project I started in 2008 prompted by the economical climate. The premise is that what was not spent; was earned and the effect of your choices on the environement


To see an article about the journal project please visit Itch 


I hope that you can join us.

My question to you is,

What did you give up? Did it make a difference? Do you miss it?

Best wishes 

Marie Christine