I am delighted to present a solo & itinerant version of What’s my worth? during Figment 2013 taking place June 9th and 10th from 10am to 5pm on Governors Island NYC, a fabulous & free event. Join us

What’s my worth?

Logging & recording value of my daily activities, responsibilities and ways to save money since 2008. Including categories like “Avoided Shopping”. Every time I made a conscious decision to curb my urge to buy something, I would make note of it in the journal. Marking the effect on the environment, personal benefit and loss. The choices affect my daily living but also the work I create, the possibilities, to make a living. from our art? Questioning artists choices, the continuous pursuit of projects that will probably not lift the financial burden. When do we splurge? What do we need to create our work, to live from it? The performance includes myself vocalizing my journal, bringing into view relationships of financial gain and identity, especially as an artist.Inviting public participation. I will use clothing and props donated for this project, some are embellished by the lint, remains of family laundries. Temporary installation will be presented on the way, I hope to see you on Govenors Island, I’ll be walking around, find me. Enjoy this fantastic event. Bise Marie Christine