I am delighted to invite you to Introspective Mega Fluff three performances taking place at Five Myles Gallery 558 Saint John Place in Brooklyn on Sunday May 31st at 6pm.
Performances by, (in order of appearence)…
The Madmen of the Mountain,  Marie Christine Katz What’s my Worth? 
 & Valerie Kuehne & Natalia Steinbach Sacred521
 Madmen of the Mountain Madmen of the Mountain presents NOVACATION, a science fiction comedy, evoking Greek Theater and voyeuristic dating shows, NOVACATION uses heightened text and an ambient score to investigate desire and responsibility in our distracted age.
Marie Christine Katz’ What’s my Worth? began in reaction to the 2008 economic downturn, recording savings and splurges in a journal, proving that what was saved was earned. Leading to a performance/installation, exposing the relationship of financial gain and identity, especially as an artist and a mother. WmW? invites the audience’s judgment and personal reactions.   

Naked Roots Conducive (a collaboration between Valerie Kuehne and Natalia Steinbach) presents Sacred521, an ongoing operatic exploration of the beauty and terror of personal disclosure.  In performing a destruction/deconstruction of our self-imposed boundaries of comfort/discomfort we discover a cathartic potential beyond our wildest dreams.  Fight off your demons.  Destroy the second life.