Gathering, Photograph by Marie Christine Katz 2014 



Le Petit Stroupf. Size vary Yarn, Needles, Suitcase and Wooden toys.  Nature Nurtured. 38″W x 5’H x 34″D Home grown and harvested plant (weeds?) Headphones.

Gathering 9″W x 17″H x 1″D Photographs, Threads,Needle, Lint, Mesh.Exhibit #9 Artifact from performance with repurposed stretcher, Yarn,Lint,Wire, Needle, Thread, Wire Hanger.Bound/Bound. 46″W to ceiling x 36″D Suitcase, Concrete, Yarn, Leaves.




Domesticity, Video installation. Repurposed I Pad & Wires.
Exhibit #1 Artifact from Performance presented with NLE. Lint,Wire,Wirehanger, Threads, Repurpose frame.

Tu m’élève. 24″W x 63″H x 13″D Repurposed stretcher, Tape,Lint.   Putting Myself Together Again. 7″W x 18″H x 1″D.