The closing night performance of the “What’s my Worth?” exhibition at Ivy Brown Gallery led the public to participate and take a short stroll trough the streets of the West Village.                                                                                                                                                                                               Thank you for your presence, encouragment and reactions.                                                                                       Click on links to view opening night performance What’s my Worth?                                                                                              & the closing night performance What’s my Worth? From the depth of my suitcase. 

The Final image I took of this exhibition while leading a walking performance and leaving clues for the participants. WmW? & LTAW merged for a short moment. Photo by Marie Christine Katz

What’s My Worth? by Marie Christine Katz

‘What’s My Worth?’ The solo exhibition features visual and performance materials of the artist’s intimate thoughts. An exploration of savings, earnings, splurges and the impact those actions have on one self’s, others and the environment, presented as a multimedia installation with performances on opening and closing nights. Following the 2008 financial meltdown Marie Christine kept a journal, noting aspects of her life that changed as the result of economic downturn. This process involved questioning her worth as a mother and an artist in a society that usually does not grant a monetary value to these roles. Cutting costs (fictional at times) and assessing the resulting savings was one method Marie Christine used to determine her financial contribution. In this process, her savings became earnings and a measure of her monetary worth. Her continued exploration led to the creation of performances and the resulting installations.

In addition Marie Christine will conduct participatory workshops, “Work in Progress”, in which she will assist participants in the repair and transformation of the damaged or incomplete item(s) they bring, turning them into new wearable art creations and rendering them usable again. 

Marie Christine Katz is an interdisciplinary performance artist. Her work addresses personal and current events encompassing environmental issues, community storytelling and social commentary. She is interested in bringing elements of art and theater together, encouraging public participation and collaboration with artists of various disciplines .