Moments #3 was created with the participation of gallery visitors, over five days of an exhibition.
Five silver wires, one for each day of the exhibition, are stretched across two wall representing a timeline that is segmented into four seasons across multiple years.
Participants pick a hand-made bead while thinking of a meaningful moment in their life. They write the date and story of that moment in my journal, together we place the bead on the timeline.

 All of the beads on the timeline become musical notes, the five wires representing a musical staff.

In performance, the monologue is inspired by the stories behind each bead and a musical element is composed of the notes the beads create on the musical staff.

Moments #3 is an artifact of the closing performance. I am accompanied by Marija Kovacevic on violin and Lisa Ingram as The Fabulous Assistant, aiding me in de-installing (transforming) the work during the performance.