Dear Friends thank you for your participation either on site or via Instagram in X Marks the Spot: Women of the New York Studio School, to see Hangers 101 & A Litany of Hashtags hashtags images go to Instagram @mcayer27  

Hangers 101 & A Litany of Hashtags, by Marie Christine Katz, with contributions for the NYSS show by Robert James Anderson, Marija Kovacevic, Daniel Allen Nelson and Nicolas Norena.

Hangers 101 is an interactive project that shares thoughts, opinions and perspectives on what is happening around us and in the world through photography, social media and installations. These sentiments are gathered from participants in the street, the studio and art spaces, which are shared virtually as images and hashtags. The performance element, A Litany of Hashtags, is inspired by these interactions with participants. Performances artifacts becomes part of an ever growing installation.
The X Marks the Spot: Women of the New York Studio School exhibition, was curated by Malado Baldwin and Maya Ibar,was presented by the NYSS and the NYSS Alumni Association. 
Best wishes
Marie Christine