Dear friends,

I am delighted to announce the completion of Hangers 101 & a Litany of Hashtags.
The soundtrack, created in collaboration with Nicole Brancato and Joris Pierre Katz, can be listened to on Bandcamp.

An excerpt of the video Hangers 101 & a Litany of Hashtags #Countdown can be viewed on YouTube and on Vimeo.

Hangers 101 & a Litany of Hashtags
From 1/20/2017 – 1/20/2021, I posed the question, “How do you feel about what’s happening around us and in the world?” – creating an active dialogue on the sociopolitical climate. Participants posed, holding hangers and sharing opinions. I added a thread of yarn, symbolizing their responses, which were turned into hashtags – i.e. #concernedaboutclimatechange #womensrighttochoose #wishforpeace. The full scope of the project’s images and hashtags can be seen on Instagram @mcayer27.
a Litany of Hashtags – the ensuing performance – comprised monologues created from participants’ commentaries and the transformation of the yarned hangers. Performance artifacts become sculptural work and installation. The culmination of the work is exhibited through large-scale installation, sculpture, performance, soundtrack and video.

Hangers 101 & a Litany of Hashtags took place in my studio and on the streets of New York City, as well as at the Glasshouse in Brooklyn, the Bergen Art Festival in Norway, the New York Studio School exhibition, in Back to the Future at Local Project LIC, during The Artist Parade with AIOP, Plaxall Gallery LIC and Blue Spirit in Costa Rica.

Let’s Take a Walk #50
The 50th Let’s Take a Walk experience was held at the enchanting Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Where did you walk from? Was it day or night? What did you hear during our journey together? What songs did you sing? See the Blog for details.